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Undoubtedly, however, that is difficult when a pretty young girl wants her photograph taken with them or youngsters follow them about, imitating every move.

Cruise ship business is important to the Citadel and this year it will be complimented by the Tall Ships, which will give the harbour, in places, something of the appearance it might have had during 1812. Nor is the Citadel’s pageantry confined within the fortress.

An important part of the Citadel’s role is to teach young visitors about their heritage, A special booklet, Parks Canada Xplorers, uses games, puzzles and quizzes to give children insights into fortress life.

The idea, adds Danskin, “is to make a trip here not just a visit but an experience.

During my visit, cruise ship passengers arrived and a young British couple entered the casement.

The volunteer guide pointed out that the display commemorates the 200 anniversary of the War of 1812.

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Many HRM residents, for example, drive past the Citadel day after day but rarely stop to visit, to explore what is actually there.

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