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I am not promising anyone anything other than MY TIME. All I am agreeing to is a single date…NOT a second date, a fling, bedroom antics, a relationship or marriage. While I agree that there are some real dodge people out there, I don’t see any harm in a employing a little artistic licence.I went on a date once where Mr Big Fat Greek decided to scrutinize my profile word for word.You’ll never know unless you are willing to give it a try.Regardless, it is good dating practice for when a real catch comes along. Not the serial killer types, the ones that invite you to their flat for a first date and those who can’t string a sentence together, but the slightly dowdy ones – why not? And most of those poor guys have been rejected before – do I really want to be another biatch who broke their spirit? So I’ll take one for the team, kiss the frog, boost his ego and do my service to humanity. When it comes to paying the bill, I am a traditionalist who believes (at least at the dating stage) in old-fashioned gender stereotypes, where, while I might fake the ‘purse grab’, in reality it’s a basic requirement that any potential suitor is financially stable enough to buy me a drink.Wanting a partner, dating frogs by the dozen and feeling completely dejected.Wanting to buy a home, getting overbid for a solid year and feeling like it was out of my reach.And beyond all the ethical arguments, I don’t see blokes (well maybe the broke-ass ones) crying about it, actually I think it makes them feel good, like BIG MEN.A true advocate for children, David has published a book on dating written for teen age boys, The Play Book: 101 Things Every Player Should Know About Dating, Girls & Relationships (2011), a companion book for girls in the works, The Script: 101 Things Every Princess Should Know About Dating, Frogs & Relationships (In Press). Richardson earned a Ph D in Counseling and is working on a MBA.

While I can bypass a person’s spotty face and general dullness, stupidity is not something I tolerate and as heart-breaking as it was I had to NEXT this one.After all we live in a world where there are more men named John running FTSE 100 companies than women.Basically guys have had a few extra millenniums to get rich, so rinsing a few beers (or a sandwich toaster) is simply leveling the playing field.You want a significant other but put your immediate focus on bettering yourself, you forget the obsession with the other (as if anyone could truly “complete” you) and then when you least expect it — they “magically” appear. These displays are not inherently wrong however, It’s all an artifice if your frequency of desire does not match your true feelings of yourself. I’ll never forget this young man from West Hollywood ask a question about how could he possibly find true happiness if he never achieves his dream of becoming a successful actor. Oprah added that when you become famous all of your character assets or defects are magnified so if you don’t really love yourself to begin with — you’re in for a heck of a ride. (In order of ease of reading — I recommend the first book if you’re new to Law of Attraction, the Biology book if you’re somewhat versed and the Breaking the Habit book if you’re well-versed and want to go deep on crazy techniques.)Tl;dr — The easiest first step to moving from the pathway of lack to the pathway of healthy desire is… Most of your problems could probably qualify as #First World Problems. (Been there.) Loving yourself when no one is around makes you worthy. So, don’t beat yourself up over what you want but don’t have. They become a healthy addition to your life, rather than a peg fitting some person-shaped void. I believe that if you’re putting on an ego front that you’re confident — but secretly you’re insecure — that energy will be apparent. Now let’s stop there — do you feel the subtext in his question? You are more blessed than millions and yet you don’t view it that way. Gratitude shifts your experience from lack to purposeful intent. Surrounding yourself with friends who build you up and can honestly check you on your BS makes you worthy.

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