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For instance, do you have any question, after reading what he said, what he meant? I also think that a lot of people don’t want to hear opinions from famous people. More parties, more music, more shows, podcasts, volume, etc—I know this is like-minded people hanging out with like-minded people, but I believe it does have a cumulative effect. When the KKK has a rally, don’t show up to protest. They should be doing their thing in front of three cops.Springsteen, Vedder—they have the track record, the integrity and the clout, so when they say something, people might take pause. Pretend you were born and raised here, that your family and friends lived here, and that HB 2 had been perpetrated in your name but without your consent. On the other side of town, it is freak-out party time at the "Gay Gay Gay Everyone Is Sexy Rally Dance Party"—Day Glo Klan outfits, DJs, food. It is important for those who find themselves unable to empathize with the reality of LGBT people in North Carolina and all over the world to think about what it would be like to be “different.” What if you’re a guy and you hit whatever age and realize you like boys? Do you think it might be exceedingly difficult to deal with that? What, you want to make things even worse by calling the guy a "faggot" and beating him up? What if you were born a male but you feel like a woman?The loud and dark fairytale Gutterdämmerung is a rock ‘n’ roll / film / gig concept from the mind of Belgian-Swedish visual artist Bjorn Tagemose.

What he does is rare in the current dialogue—he doesn't lecture North Carolina from a safe distance or lump us all into a squirming ball of kneejerk recidivism.

You made it clear that many of the everyday people of North Carolina aren't to blame for this law. Hardly anyone will actually read HB 2, but when Springsteen and Pearl Jam pull out of shows, now North Carolina is a topic in London and Tokyo. Do you think an official statement should stand on its own, or is it necessary to also speak to the press in immediately affected areas? I think that Springsteen’s press quote coupled with the act of pulling the show is action enough on his level.

I don’t think he needs to elaborate on a single thing. Vote whenever possible and understand that a lot of people get that a governor doesn’t make a state.

With cancellations by so many major performers in the month since HB 2 was rushed into law, this has been the missing part.

Like the French Resistance in World War II, we who oppose HB 2 from within North Carolina want to know we're not forgotten, and Rollins' column acknowledged us without pulling any punches.

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