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And you're gonna use your other hand to turn on the machine.

Narrator: To simulate the way your baby feeds, start with quick shallow sucking to get your milk letdown reflex going.

If you're still not seeing enough milk, you might be using the wrong pump for your needs, not be pumping often enough, have a technical issue with your pump, or be pumping at too high or low a strength.

A good rule of thumb is to pump at the highest comfortable strength. Once it does, keep pumping for two to five more minutes.

With Shari's guidance, Kim will learn how to use an electric breast pump and a manual pump.

As you see the milk start to flow, what you can do is turn your speed down and your suction up.

Lactation consultant: Milk is going to drip so lean forward slightly. Lactation consultant: I would recommend a really good organic non-chemical type soap as well as a bottle brush that has a nipple component to it for those delicate areas.

Breast milk is like liquid gold – you don't want to lose one drop. At this point you can put some nipple cream on or just let your breasts air dry with the breast milk on it, that is really, really good for your nipples. Now let's see Shari demonstrate how to use a manual breast pump.

Narrator: You can use pillows to support your back.

You'll need to lean slightly forward so that milk doesn't drip toward the flange, break the suction, and leak out. Lactation consultant: Line it up directly over your nipple so that your nipple's completely centered within that hole.

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