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“I vowed that my life would not be that way as an adult,” says De Hoff, who is now a certified financial planner and owns 10 acres — with two horses — in Elkhart, Indiana.

After her marriage ended, she persuaded her employer to help pay for a college degree.

I'm looking for something fairly discreet, but not all sticking to the shadows sneaking around discreet.

I'm not into Anal penetration, sorry you cant really change my mind on that.

Ruffin lived with her grandparents, who together never earned more than ,000 a year. “Everybody chipped in to send me first to a private school and then to college, and I managed to get by,” she recalls.

To stay balanced, Ruffin still relies on community and faith. “Things just work out, and I don’t know how sometimes. Thank God I have a foundational spiritual practice.

I try to make the most of things by drawing/painting, playing pool, video games, cooking, working or checking out cars/carshows, bull shitting with my geek friends and generally being all around awkward.

Now onto the good stuff, I'm looking for a FWB situation, i'm told many don't consider that NSA, but to make myself perfectly clear i don't want a relationship.

But the frugal ways of her childhood are ingrained. “You have to make a conscious decision about every last thing you spend on.” For example, she still never goes to the movies: Films, TV series, books, music, even internet access are all free at the public library.“The most fun you can have traveling is trying to live like a local,” she says.“And the great thing is that when you do, you invariably save money.” For example, Hannon never buys bottled water when traveling.She plans the rest of her financial life the same way.A few more tips: If you travel much on your own — as Evelyn Hannon has since her divorce 30-some years ago — it’s crucial to find ways to save.

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