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😛 Coming to the end of this article, I have a small request: I am looking for a good book on C# development to recommend to my students (and read myself, must not forget that : P), preferably one that is for people with a background in C/C and with content on threaded programming (because that’s what the class is all about).

Browsing the reviews on the net, it appears that Programming C# is pretty good, judging from the table of contents it also covers threads, but of course I don’t know how well. Or can you comment on whether the book would be suited for my purpose?

One of the environments that I manage has a monitoring server that has an event generator set up that checks the connection to all of the servers (and to the replica on each of the servers) in the network every 3 minutes.

Please help me redress the balance by sharing your experiences of Lotus Notes and posting all things good about the product - how you use it, how it helps you and how it helps your organisation. Here's a solution to a long standing issue with the Lotus Notes client and high DPI displays (e.g Microsoft Surface).By watching the JConsole on the monitoring server, I can see that the event generator checks and notices the failed connection, but it doesn't follow up by sending out the message like it should. If I forcibly restart the event monitor task on the monitoring server, it then sends out that alert about the failed connection...this could be hours from when the actual event actually happened.It is as if the event generator and/or the event handler message is somehow getting stuck, and only when I restart the event monitor task, does it then release the message that it was supposed to send out when the event first happened.How can we create a summary report and get a signature from the client onto that document in the field? An extra piece of hardware is probably not what you want, but they (or someone else) might have a software 'signature pad' that could capture the signature image.The image of the signature will be unique since no one signs *exactly* the same way each time.

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